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Slap Back Jack: High-Five Master Trailer

Slap Back Jack: High-Five Master: Trailer on Vimeo.


Having some trouble with high-fives and hand slaps?
There's someone who can help, he's Slap Back Jack!

Slap Back Jack: High-Five Master is the award winning kid friendly stop motion short film narrated in rhyme. It begins when superstar baseball player, Bub Stocky, hits a walk off Grand Salami to win the big ball game for his team the Bronx Buffalo, but when he tries to celebrate with his teammates, he flubs his high-fives, loses out on his lows, and punks out on his pounds. He feels embarrassed and clumsy, so Coach T. suggests he see the hand slap specialist, High-Five Master, Slap Back Jack. Heeding Coach’s advice, Bub makes the trip and Jack trains Bub in the art of high-five combo’s.
Bub can't wait for the next double header to show his team the moves he has learned!

(Animation, US, Dir. Mark Newell, 2010, 11min)

What They Are Saying

Bill Matthews, Disney Animator/Disney Features Head of Training
The animation would really have made the late, great puppet animator of the 1940's, George Pal, proud!! Beautiful job of animation, story, narrative and on and on! A medal winner if ever there was!

Malcolm Turner, London International Animation Festival
Some elements of the animation and puppet making are technically very skilled. The eating scenes are among the best animated eating scenes I’ve seen in ages. The crowd scenes are also more detailed and contain more moving elements than many I’ve seen in a while. Likewise the set piece hand movements delivered much of what they promised. The depth of field of the photography is also really worth mentioning too. And it was fun.

PS. 364 The Earth School (NYC), Gikeno’s 1st/2nd Grade Class
Slap Back Jack is a good teacher. Can we show Slap Back Jack our high-fives?Bub’s teammates were his really good friends and tried to make him feel good, but he surprised them! We want to see it again.

Jack Bosson, Professor Emeritus, Woodbury University Animation Dept.
This is a funny film. I love the story, and it moves right along. There is a warmth and tenderness to it as well. The strength of this film is the great story.

Paul Wells, Dir. of Animation in The Animation Academy/Author/Historian
This is a very well executed piece, which mobilizes a number of puppets to persuasive effect, and includes some amusingly choreographed ‘physical’ sequences.

The Making Of...


Slap Back Jack: High Five Master

Written, Produced and Directed by
Mark Newell

Executive Produced by
Melanie Martinez

Music & Lyrics by
Mark Newell

Character, Set, & Costume Designs by
Mark Newell

Lead Animation
Molly Light
Chelsea Manifold

Voice Over Actors
Narration: Henry Strozier
Jack: Frank Simms
Bub Stocky: Kevin McConnell
Coach T.: Todd Cummings
Crowd: Stacia Marie Newcomb

Mike Berg
Molly Light

Model Maker
Katrin Altekamp

Marc Borders
Laquita Matthews
Sophie Staub
Molly Light
Chelsea Manifold

Music Co-Producer
Mike Crehore, Dubway Studios NYC, NY
Boo Reiners
Frank Simms
Adrianne DeNike
Jasper Newell
Wilder Hope
Martha Eckl-Lindenberg

Voice Over Producer
Jim Kennelly, Lotas Productions NYC, NY

Sound Editor
Ghost Note, LTD
Rhumba Recorders

Bob Ludemann

Festival Liaison
Melanie Martinez

Andy Paris
Tony Shimkin